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Robotics Applications Programming with ROBOTIS DREAM Systems

Chi N. Thai

This second DREAM II book is designed to bring an advanced reader, already familiar with my first book, to higher levels of applications programming by using the “hidden” SMART DEVICE features of the ROBOTIS TASK tool allowing the robot’s controller CM-150 to collaborate with the R+m.PLAY700 Mobile App (see video at, and also by applying the Edbot® Dream software tool to work with SCRATCH 2/3 and Python® ( see video at  The Edbot Dream tool is particularly interesting as it allows multiple robots control from a single SCRATCH or Python program (see videos at and

The book's Table of Contents can be downloaded here.

Excerpts from the book can be downloaded here.

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This book consists of 2 independent chapters and uses selected DREAM II robots to showcase the capabilities of the software tools ROBOTIS TASK with SMART DEVICE commands, and EDBOT DREAM PRO:

  • Chapter 1 shows how to use the “hidden” SMART DEVICE features of the TASK tool to access various mobile device services such as how to display text and graphics, to use the touch areas, to perform text-to-speech and speech recognition tasks, to access multimedia devices such as musical instruments, video players and video cameras.  Chapter 1 also shows how to use TASK and BlueTooth communications to achieve Master/Slave control of two CM-150 controllers.

  • Chapter 2 describes the software capabilities of the EDBOT DREAM PRO package and shows how to use SCRATCH 2/3 and Python with the DREAM II School Set.  Applications using the PyGame, Threading, OpenCV-Python and NumPy modules are also showcased. 


This book additionally provides tutorial videos (via YouTube®) to illustrate the presented concepts, see playlist at

Currently, the Kindle version is available at

and the paperback version is available at

To receive a copy of the sample codes used in this book, please email a copy of your proof of purchase to "", and we'll email you back a ZIP file containing these files and other documentations.

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