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     This is an ADVANCED opportunity for students who had PREVIOUSLY taken a “Weekend Robotics Experience” course with the PLAY700 system, or a “Summer Academy at UGA” course named “Introductory Robotics” with the DREAM system.  It is a 1-day short course to learn about interfacing PLAY700/DREAM systems to a SMART phone/tablet (Android® or iOS®) in order to take advantage of its graphics, audio, video, internal sensors, speech and text messaging capabilities.

      The course would start with an overview of the robotic systems DREAM and PLAY700 to show similarities and differences between the two systems.  Next, students will be shown how to use the features of the PLAY700 mobile app and how to create/edit a PLAY700 project.

     The main goal is to learn about the SMART DEVICE Commands inside TASK tool using eight projects:

  1. Spinning Top (text display and text-to-speech coordination).

  2. Touch Me (using touch areas to do remote control of robot).

  3. Tilt Sensor (using tilt sensor to do remote control of robot).

  4. Voice Control (using voice control to do remote control of robot).

  5. Take Picture (using front and back cameras of mobile device).

  6. Intruder Alert (using camera Motion Detection feature).

  7. Cacophony (using multiple sources of audio output devices).

  8. Color Line Tracker (using camera Color Tracking feature).

Hardware and Software Needed:

  1. A Phone or Tablet (Android or iOS) and the student needs to make sure that the following mobile apps are installed and functioning properly:

    • R+m.TASK2 either on GooglePlay or Apple App Stores.

    • R+m.PLAY700 either on GooglePlay or Apple App Stores.

  2. The student will also be using the BT-410 module that came with the PLAY700 kit.  More compatibility information for the BT-410 can be found here (


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