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Exploring Robotics with ROBOTIS Systems (2nd Edition)

Released in August 2017
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I'm proud to announce that "Exploring Robotics with ROBOTIS Systems, 2nd Edition" made it to BookAuthority's Best Robotics Books For Beginners:

BookAuthority collects and ranks the best books in the world, and it is a great honor to get this kind of recognition. Thank you for all your support!

This 2nd Edition is a substantial revision of the 2015 Edition, with 340+ pages and 100+ video tutorials created in response to readers feedback, as well as to new hardware and software releases from ROBOTIS.  All original 11 chapters had been revised or updated to reflect these changes, in particular:

  • Chapter 3 has additional descriptions of the newer CM-50, OpenCM-700 and X series Dynamixels®.

  • Chapter 4 has new introductory sections for the ROBOPLUS™ V.2 tools such as R+SCRATCH™ which interfaces with MIT’s SCRATCH™ 2 software and the OLLOBOT™ SDK designed for Firmware 2.0 types of controllers such as CM-50/150/200 and OpenCM-7.00/9.04.

  • Chapter 5 provides a closer look at the MANAGER™ and TASK™ V.2 tools regarding their use with the 485-EXP expansion board for the OpenCM-9.04/C system with the use of a new feature called “Dynamixel Channel”.  It also has new sections on usage of the IR Array Sensor for arbitrary single track maneuvers, new remote control capabilities via SCRATCH 2 event processing constructs and also from the use of smartphones tilt sensors.

  • The new Chapter 6 now combines the old Chapters 6 and 7 so as to provide a single chapter regarding Position Control Applications of ROBOTIS Dynamixels and to show complex interactions between parameters such as Present Position, Goal Position, Goal Speed, Torque Limit, Present Load, Motion Page and Joint Offset.  New application projects of the PhantomX Reactor™ robotic arm are illustrated such as an Avoider Arm and Remote Control of a Mobile Manipulator Platform using a CM-530 controller.

  • Chapter 9 now covers Embedded C features with an OpenCM-9.04/C + 485-EXP controller platform with new applications to the Remote Control of the Mobile Manipulator Platform and its use of smartphone video cameras in conjunction with NIR distance sensors.

  • Chapter 11 is entirely new and written to document the use of the R+SCRATCH tool and the PLAY 700™ App (released by ROBOTIS-USA in December 2016), in conjunction with REMOTE/SMART DEVICE commands from a TASK program or from Arduino-style codes using the OpenCM IDE™, to access various services from a smartphone such as: video camera, gesture sensor, touch areas, audio and video playback, text-to-speech and speech recognition.

  • Chapter 12 is also entirely new and describes the OLLOBOT SDK which was originally designed for the OLLOBOT™ Kit released in August 2016 to enable its control from smartphones.  Fortunately for ROBOTIS users everywhere, this SDK turns out to be applicable to all Firmware 2.0 controllers such as CM-50/150/200 and Open-CM7.00/9.04.  This chapter is for users interested in creating custom smartphone Apps that interact with ROBOTIS’ robotic systems using the new Dynamixel Protocol 2.0.

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