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Using ARDUINO with ROBOTIS Systems

Chi N. Thai

This book is written for robotics enthusiasts who have a basic knowledge of C/C++ Programming and a basic practice of the Arduino IDE, and who are interested in using ROBOTIS Hardware and Software for their own robotics projects.   It is available through Amazon here.

This book demonstrates the use of the following hardware:

  • Arduino MKR ZERO and Portenta H7 Lite Controller boards.

  • ROBOTIS OpenRB-150 and OpenCM-904 Controller boards.

  • ROBOTIS Actuators such as AX-12, XL-320, XL-330 and XL-430.

  • ROBOTIS Communications Devices such as BT-210 and BT-410.


  • Video cameras such as Pixy2, HuskyLens and OpenMV H7+.

This book consists of 5 chapters:

  • Chapter 1 presents an overview of ROBOTIS hardware/software capabilities and their integration issues with the ARDUINO environment.

  • Chapters 2 through 5 are written as “self-contained” Project Guides for each of the 4 Arduino Controllers showcased in this book:

    • Chapter 2 is for the OpenRB-150.

    • Chapter 3 is for the MKR ZERO.

    • Chapter 4 is for the OpenCM-904.

    • Chapter 5 is for the Portenta H7 Lite + Breakout Board.


Each chapter illustrates the following topics:

  • Controller features.

  • Robot demonstration platforms used.

  • Overview of software tools and libraries and their “quirks” for each particular controller.

  • UART communications and their interactions with sensors using I2C and SPI technologies.

  • Actuators in Wheel Mode.

  • Remote Control Programming.

  • Tracker-Follower Project using Time-of-Flight sensors.

  • Smart Avoider Project.

  • Color Camera Tracker Project without and with Pan-Tilt Platform.

  • Dual-Controllers or Dual-Cores Applications to Color Camera Tracker.

  • Mobile Manipulator Remote Control and Autonomous Color Vision Tracker Projects.

  • Articulated 4-Wheeled Platform Project using Motion Programming and Sync-Read/Write.

This book's Table of Contents can be downloaded here.

An excerpt of Chapter 2 can be downloaded here.

To receive a copy of the demonstration codes used in these books, please email a copy of your proof of purchase to "", and we'll email you back a ZIP file containing these files and other documentations. 

Please email me ( for any comment/suggestion that you may have and visit my Amazon Author Page for a complete list of my books.

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