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     This 2-day short course is an introduction to Robotics providing students with an overview of the main issues that robotics engineers would encounter in their careers and also showcasing selected creative solution approaches and tools used.  The core instructional materials are designed around a CarBot equipped with an IR Array Sensor.

     The student will learn about the basic programming of micro-controllers, the interfacing of sensors for sound and near-infrared light, the actuation of servo motors in wheel mode, and remote control concepts.  These concepts and methodologies will be demonstrated in class and the students can also explore these ideas further with the Bioloid STEM Robotics development kits and by working on their projects.

     Upon completion of this course, students should be able to evaluate whether a perceived need can be conceptually resolved using a combination of computer hardware and software approaches and should have a broad understanding of the major steps involved in engineering design of robotics systems.


Description of BIOLOID STEM robotic system: hardware and software.

Basic Programming of Continuous Turn motors and various sensors (IR short range and long range, Gyroscope).

Foundations of Computer Programming – Sequences, Loops and Conditionals.

Problem Solving using Sense-Think-Act paradigm.

Remote control of robot using Virtual Remote controller.

Avoider robot hardware and software features.

Using long-range IR sensor DMS-80 to detect dowels and IRSS-10 >> Slalom project

Using IR Sensor Array and Hardware Construction features of Line Follower robot and Software Analysis of its behaviors.

Programming Line Follower for complex paths.

Using gyro to turn a given amount of degrees.

Detect obstacle on track, clear it off track and continue following track.


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