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SAUGA Summer Camp

     This is a week-long course for 6th – 8th graders to learn about fundamental concepts in robot design and programming using the DREAM II School Set from ROBOTIS.

     The students will be introduced to selected robotics design concepts such as mechanical components (plates, brackets, linkages, fasteners, cables and pulleys), mechanical gear-reduction system for electric motors and conversion of rotational circular motion to a “walking”, “hopping” or “crawling” motion using 4-bar linkages. The students will also learn about programming of microcontrollers and interfacing of sensors (sound, near-infrared light and touch), the actuation of servo motors and LEDs, and also about wireless computer communications and control concepts. These concepts and methodologies will be developed via a series of projects whereas the students can hone their robot-building and logico-mathematical skills using the DREAM II robotics system.

     Upon completion of this course, students should be able to evaluate whether a perceived robotic need can be conceptually resolved using a combination of computer hardware and software approaches and should have a broad understanding of the majors steps involved in engineering design and construction of robots.


Day 1:

Student skills assessment & groupings.

Fundamentals of Robot Mechanical Design: rivet, plate, brackets, sprocket, pulley, geared motor.

Applications to motorized but uncontrolled animal robots such as Rabbit, Calf, Caterpillar, Chick or Dinosaur, illustrating robotic locomotion designs using 2, 4 and 6 legs.

Day 2:

Fundamentals of Robot Programming using the CM-150 controller and RoboPlus MANAGER & TASK software.

Programming Motors, built-in NIR Sensors & Sound Generator.

Autonomous Behaviors:

Spinning Top (1 NIR Sensor).

Avoider (2 NIR Sensors).

Avoider’s “Emergent Behavior” -Maze Navigation,

Follower (2 NIR Sensors).

Day 3:

Advanced Autonomous Behavior:

Line Follower / Line Avoider.

Line Follower + Obstacle Avoider.

Remote Control:

“Remocon” Packet.

RC with 1 Button.

RC with Multiple Buttons.

PC and Mobile Interfaces.

Mixing Remote Control & Autonomous Behavior: Smart Avoider.

Day 4:

Differences between Geared Motors and Servo Motors.

Applications to TriCycle, 4W-Drive Dump Truck.

Students start designing their own robot to compete on Day 5.

Day 5:

Students continue with designing & building their own robot to compete on Afternoon of Day 5.


SCRATCH 2 + DREAM robots.

Seal with Servo Head.


Bull with Color Sensor.

Racoon with PIR Sensor.

Dowel Scanner.

Probe Car.

Interfacing DREAM robots with Smart Devices.




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