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Companion Guide for ROBOTIS SPARK

Chi N. Thai

This book is for you if you are a young robotics enthusiast looking at achieving on your own a firm foundation in Robot Design and Block Programming, or if you are an adult investigating the possible use of the OLLO SPARK kit to help children learn about Robotics Design and Programming.  

This book is available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions.

This book demonstrates the use of the OLLO SPARK robotic kit along with its Block Programming tool named R-BLOCK.   

This book consists of 14 chapters:

  • Chapter 1 presents an overview of the RB-88 hardware and software capabilities.  The Sense-Think-Act paradigm used in developing the contents of this book is also described in this chapter. 

  • For Chapters 2 through 13, each chapter is geared towards a specific robot model and its companion robot.  Each chapter contains several Sections:

"Assembly Notes” expands on robot construction techniques and their effect on motors and sensors usage in subsequent robot programming and runtime performances.
“Mechanism Usage” drills into the mechanical principles of the particular mechanism(s) implemented in this specific robot model.
“Ideas For Further Explorations” presents alternatives/modifications in construction techniques or mechanism design to further enhance the reader’s understanding of robot construction and design.  Glimpses of the same robotic theme, but implemented on more advanced robotic kits, are provided as a means for “Looking Forward”.
“Standards Alignment” allows mapping of the Chapter’s instructional materials with popular educational standards used in the USA Education sector.
When appropriate, the robot’s features as a Motion Platform are also discussed.

  • Chapter 14 is a Primer for Robotic Programming using the R-BLOCK IDE, taking the reader from a novice to an intermediary level regarding robots programming with a Graphical Block User Interface.  Based on the Sense-Think-Act Paradigm, an Event-Programming Approach is developed to guide beginning roboteers from project goals to actual R-BLOCK programming.  Topics included: Logic Control via Sequence, Condition and Repetition; Remote Control via Claps and Bluetooth; Object Detection and Line Tracking; Position Control of Actuator.

This book also provides appropriate source code and tutorial videos (via YouTube®) to illustrate the presented concepts.  Please visit for access options to the source codes and tutorial videos.​

To receive a copy of the demonstration codes used in these books, please email a copy of your proof of purchase to "", and we'll email you back a ZIP file containing these files and other documentations. 

Please email me ( for any comment/suggestion that you may have and visit my Amazon Author Page for a complete list of my books.

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