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     This is a 2-day short course for 11-14 years old students interested in learning about fundamental concepts in robot design and programming using the PLAY 700 system and the MANAGER and TASK software tools from ROBOTIS.

      The students will be introduced to selected robotics design concepts such as mechanical components (plates, brackets, linkages and fasteners), and conversion of rotational circular motion to a “walking” motion using linkages.  Using the TASK tool, students will learn about microcontroller programming and interfacing with sensors (sound and near-infrared light), motor actuation, computer communications and remote control concepts.   These concepts and methodologies will be developed via a series of projects whereas the students can hone their robot-building and logical mathematical skills using the PLAY 700 robotics system.

     Upon completion of this course, students should be able to evaluate whether a perceived robotic need can be conceptually resolved using a combination of computer hardware and software approaches and should have a broad understanding of the majors steps involved in engineering design and construction of robots.



Day 1

Mechanical Design 1: rivet, plate, brackets, and geared motor >> Build Basic Bot.

Robot Programming using ROBOTIS’ TASK tool (Sequences, Loops, Conditionals).

Motor Control and NIR Sensor Interfacing >> Autonomous Obstacle Avoider/Follower.

Application to Maze Navigation.

Using built-in speaker for detecting sound claps and playing musical scales.

Alternative wheel designs and ground surface effects (table top and carpet).

Remote Control 1: Single-Button Control.

Day 2

Remote Control 2: Multi-Buttons Control.

Programming CarBot’s autonomous behaviors for Line Tracking, Obstacle Detection and Avoidance Maneuvers.

Students build their own robot design for Sumo Wrestling competition.

Mechanical Design 2 (Demo only): Gear functionality (4-wheel drive) and 4-Bar linkage applications (Zombie, Scorpion, Monkey, Caterpillar).


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