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     This is a 1-day introductory course for Duke TIP middle school students interested in Robotics.  Using a pre-built Avoider CarBot, students will be introduced to the basics of interfacing and control of motors and IR distance sensors using computer programming constructs such as Sequences, Loops and Conditionals via a software tool called R+TASK. Students will also learn about problem solving techniques using the Sense-Think-Act paradigm as well as Remote Control concepts. The day's challenge will be for students to modify the original Carbot into a Line Following and Obstacle Detecting robot.

     Upon completion of this course, students should be able to understand how to interface NIR sensors and how to control continuous-turn motors to make a robot achieve given tasks.




Description of DREAM robotic system (set A): hardware and software.

Using the R+TASK tool to do Basic Programming of Continuous Turn motors and integrated IR Distance sensors.

Foundations of Computer Programming – Sequences, Loops and Conditionals.

Problem Solving using Sense-Think-Act paradigm.

Programming Avoider’s basic autonomous behaviors.

Remote control of robot using the Virtual Remote controller.

Modification of Avoider into a Line Follower bot (hardware modification and programming approach).

Adding a third IR Sensor to Avoider/Line Follower bot to allow it to scan/detect an object and then to approach the object up to a given distance and stop. 

As an extra challenge, make the robot swing around and then follow the track again but in the other direction.


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